Wednesday, 27 January 2016

All the Necessary Equipment For Kick Boxing

Kick boxing is now a sport of the streets and into the arena of recognition. The sport is unique in its universal appeal and the rules and regulations that govern it. The world of sport has never, at any stage, been contained or restricted to experiment.
 The different types of sports that are universally or regionally acclaimed are designed to stretch the human faculties to the ultimate and pose a challenge to the mind. The sport of kick boxing involves the unique combination of martial arts kicks from the orient and the boxing style punches from the accident. The boxing style adopted in the sport of kick boxing if very similar to that of the standard boxing techniques practiced the world over. Kick boxing like every other sport also has special kick boxing equipment and gear that needs to be invested in, prior to taking up the sport either as a leisure time indulgence or a full time one.

Kick boxing is pursued for general fitness too. It is categorized by sports enthusiasts and experts in the field as a full contact sport. The special kick boxing equipment and gear includes specially designed trousers, a mouth guard, special hand wraps, boxing gloves usually 10 oz, a groin guard, shin pads and special kick boots. The gear designed for women enthusiasts in the game differs only in the case of the tank top. The special kick boxing equipment and gear is very different from that of the popular Thai boxing. The gear is designed to protect the body parts that are exposed to the opponent in combat.   The special kick boxing equipment and gear has evolved since the introduction of the game to meet the requirements of the combatants. The special boxing shorts enable free movements that come from the free style kicks that are part of the sport. The fabric used and the fit are such that they facilitate optimum and quick movements, without any discomfort. The mouth guard that is also a part of the special kick boxing equipment and gear is designed to protect the combatant from injury to the jaw and mouth region. It is a fit-on design that can be removed or replaced with ease prior to or during combat.

The mouth guard is an essential part of the kick boxing gear.   The sport of kick boxing allows free western style boxing techniques and hence the hand wraps are very essential to rule out damage to the knuckles, while boxing. The hand wraps and the gloves of 10 oz are a combi-package that works in unison to protect the combatant’s fists and wrists. The specially designed groin guard eliminates the risk of getting hurt in the groin, which is a possibility that cannot be ruled out due to the free style kick delivered in kick boxing. The special kick boxing equipment and gear is available at all leading sports stores that operate both online and offline and they are accessible 24×7. The shin pads and the special kick boxing boots are part of the lower body protection gear, along with the groin shields. The shin pads eliminate the risk of getting hurt or damaging the shin area which is not only the most sensitive, but also the most likely.

The shin is exposed to injury more than any other body part in kick boxing once again because of the martial arts style kicks allowed in the game. Then comes the shoes which are very crucial, the shoes you choose in boxing, decide how you should play the game. Here is a very good review comparison of Best Boxing Shoes that you can buy by the site All Top 10 Review.

  This standing sport, as it is also referred to, is declared over once a combatant is forced to the ground. It also involves different punches and kicks that are essentially to be targeted above the groin.   The special kick boxing equipment and gear is designed to meet these requirements and the support equipment is also available for younger enthusiasts to pursue the game of their choice. However, in the case of enthusiasts of the game, it is mandatory for them to wear protective helmets. This eliminates the chances of serious head injury because of the very amateur approach to the game. The support gear includes practice gear such as punching bags, speed balls, punching balls and skipping ropes that actually record the number of times the rope successfully turns.

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